A long-term plan to keep 1,100+ good-paying jobs in Rhode Island.


Keeping Jobs in Rhode Island, Inc. speaks out in support of policy initiatives and proposals that strengthen Rhode Island’s economy, make our workforce more competitive, and support home-grown employers’ ability to grow here in Rhode Island.

In June, state officials and IGT announced a long-term partnership that keeps more than 1,100 good-paying, direct jobs in Rhode Island until at least 2043, supports thousands of indirect jobs and dozens of local small businesses in every part of the state, and secures a commitment that Rhode Island will be ground zero for IGT’s future growth and expansion.

Our state needs balanced economic development. We need our leaders to provide employers with predictability. S 1031 and H 6266 put Rhode Islanders first, keep a global, home-grown company headquartered in Rhode Island’s capital city, and provide thousands of Rhode Islander workers and small business owners with peace of mind that their job or their business will be secure for years to come.



“IGT is one of Rhode Island’s most valued corporate partners, and I want them to continue to call Rhode Island home for decades to come.”

Nicholas Mattiello | Speaker of the House (June 27, 2019)



IGT is Rhode Island’s most successful tech startup and has been a fabric of the state’s business and civic community for decades. Their presence in Rhode Island sparks entrepreneurship and helps other local technology-based companies - big and small - recruit highly-quality workers. Rhode Island’s technology and innovation economy is growing rapidly in part because of the major presence IGT has had in our state for more than a quarter century.


“IGT is a major Rhode Island employer, with about 1,000 jobs averaging $100,000 in salary, and the number of Rhode Island jobs is anticipated to increase under this proposal.” –

Dominick Ruggerio, Senate President (June 27, 2019)